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Newborn: Colton {8 days}

As many of you probably know, we just recently moved to a new home out in the country. Even though there are plans to remodel a large studio space in a separate building on the property, those plans are waiting until spring, due to some cement work and other construction that will be easier accomplished when winter is past. So, in the meantime, I am setting up my temporary studio in our home. And so far, the natural lighting in my dining room has been working great.

Little Colton was my first newborn in the new place, and he was such a little dream baby to work with. He just slept the entire morning, and let us go from one setup to another . . .

Colton's dad & big brothers are all part of Waynedale Wrestling, so it only seemed fitting for Colton to have his own newborn wrestling gear . . .

Welcome to the world, sweet boy . . .

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