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Memorial Day

Yesterday, we drove up to the Cuyahoga National Park, and went on the hunt for Brandywine Falls. We arrived just before lunch, so we ate first and then went to the falls. Apparently, the cicadas have just hatched out of their shells, and these little bugs were ALL OVER. Ian was loving them, and the loud chorus they were singing throughout the park . . .

The park was super busy, and since we were not familiar with the area we just opted to grill our lunch in the parking lot, and then right on the other side of the trees was a huge open meadow where we had our picnic lunch . . .

Brandywine Falls are gorgeous . . .

On the way home, we made a stop at Boettler Park in Akron . . . Ian's class had stopped at it on their field trip this spring, and we thought the boys would have fun running off some energy here.

Daddy was making the tire swings go a little crazy, and they were doing their best to hang on.

No little road trip would be complete with an ice cream stop . . .

After we got home, we loaded up again and headed to some friend's of ours for a backyard cookout. It was a busy day, but so much fun!

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