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Love: Ethan & Dorothy {Esession}

The first time we attempted their engagement session, it ended up being a rainy day. We rescheduled for the following weekend, and once again, we got rained out. We rescheduled for the next day, as it was at least looking to be dry for a change (never mind that the temps were in the 50s, in mid-May, and we about froze) . . . so glad that they were champs about it though, and I loved having this sweet couple in front of the camera.

I've known Ethan's family from growing up in Iowa with them (his Grandpa pastored with my Dad for many years, and his aunt was one of my close friends growing up) . . . Ethan & Dorothy are just one of the sweetest couples you will meet, and we are so excited to capture their big day coming up this fall!

#EngagementSession #CollegeofWooster #OARDC #Wooster #Photography

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