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Children: Garin & Beatrice {6 mo}

Last fall I had two boy/girl sets of newborn twins in the studio within several weeks of each other. And now, they are all hitting that 6 month milestone. Garin & Beatrice were all smiles unless a camera was in front of them . . . then those adorable serious faces took over.

Cute baby bums and legs . . .

They LOVED it when we put them on the floor and let them just kick (& roll) around . . .

Beatrice loves playing with her feet, and had them up in the air or up by her face most of the time she was on the floor :)

Such little cuties . . . happy 6 months, Beatrice & Garin!

#ChildSession #6months #TwinSession #MSPStudio #AppleCreekPhotography #Photography

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