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Easton Cole {Birth Story}

Tangey texted me 4 weeks before her due date . . . she was at the hospital having contractions and they were going to check her, and see if this was real labor. She wasn't too concerned, but wanted to give me a heads' up just in case. My afternoon/evening was wide open, so I figured if it WAS the real thing, I would be ready to go.

Several hours later, I heard back and they were going to keep her, and she was dilating and in real labor. Baby (gender still unknown to Mommy & Daddy) was on it's way into the world . . .

Around 5:00 I headed up to Wooster Hospital to check in and see how things were going. I love going back to this hospital where 2 of our boys were born. It brings back such sweet memories, and being able to be there and capture birth stories is such a dream come true for me.

Tangey was progressing and had gotten an epidural. It still was not taking effect very well, so she was having to breath through the pain of contractions . . .

Finally getting some relief . . . and trying to rest up for the hours ahead.

As she continued to dilate, the epidural just was not working like it was supposed to. But, she kept breathing through the contractions, looking forward to the reward at the end.

By 9:30, she was ready to push. Her first birth had ended up in a c-section (baby was turned wrong and was over 9 lbs.), so she was so hoping to do a VBAC this time around. Everything seemed to be going well, and her doctor and the nurses were all so amazing and supportive.

Soon after 11:00pm, a little baby entered the world . . . it's a BOY!

Even with being over 4 weeks early, he looked great, and was able to spend over an hour snuggling with Mommy.

One of my favorites. Mommy & Daddy with their new son . . . Easton Cole

7 lbs. 4oz. A little bundle of perfection.


Daddy finally got a turn to hold his little boy . . .

Welcome to the world, little Easton . . .

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