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Welcome to the Jungle!

Last week, our elementary school put on their annual spring musical. The 1st-3rd graders do the Spring musical each year (4th-6th graders do the Christmas musical) and I am always amazed how a music teacher can get several hundred kiddos to do motions and music together. There are always a few hiccups, but they do such a good job, and this year was no exception.

Backstage before the musical started . . . our little lion & hippo

Before the musical started, they honored this year's "Citizen of the Year" (which turned out be "citizens") . . . the entire Apple Creek Police Department. They received a standing ovation for their work in our community, and we are so happy to have them watching over our little community. They are at our school every morning and afternoon for crosswalk duty (& giving kids high fives), and it's easy to see that they love being a part of our kids' lives by the times they stop by and

This year's theme was "Welcome to the Jungle", a story about a little mouse and a ferocious lion who became friends. The lion didn't eat the mouse when he had the chance, and later she was the one who saved him from the hunter's net. Ian had the role of the lion, "Maliki", and he was totally in his element, singing and dancing around up on stage. So proud of this kid!

Gavin chose to dress up as a hippo (a very skinny one :), so I made a mask for him and a tail. (He is in the front row to the left of the boy in the white dress shirt)

All the characters did such a good job . . .

Ian and his "giraffe" friend, Kenzie, from church . . .

A few video clips from Ian's main solo part . . .

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