• Megan Sarver

Nolan & Nathan {Newborn Twins}

Newborn snuggles x2 is definitely a big highlight for me. Even though it usually means more work (trying to keep two little ones sleeping at the same time and keeping them from startling each other), there is something just so sweet about newborn twins.

Nolan (dark hair) and Nathan (blonde hair) were sooooo good for their newborn photos. I hardly heard a peep out of them all morning, and they are both just as sweet as can be.

Love working with other families who are members of the "3 Boys Club" :)

20 tiny little toes . . .

Big brother Nicholas loves his little brothers . . .

Ben & Suzi seem so relaxed, even though their lives are a little crazy with 2 newborns. I think that ease with which they are handling life definitely passes on to their kiddos . . .

Such a beautiful family . . .


Welcome to the world, Nathan & Nolan . . . you are both loved so much more than you will ever realize. I can't wait to watch you grow!

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